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Rummy is a popular traditional card game that has been around since time immemorial. It is a skill game that needs players to have a good understanding of the game and a lot of practice to win. If you wish to be an expert rummy player, you can use some trips, tricks and strategies to step up your game.

Read on to learn 7 smart tricks before you play rummy game online next time.

1. Choose the right game

Rummy is available in three formats: practice games, cash games, and tournaments. A lot of new players often make the mistake of directly starting with cash games or tournaments.

In rummy, it is necessary for players to have a good knowledge of game rules and skills to win. New players can get familiar with the game by playing practice games. Online rummy platforms like Junglee Rummy is considered one of the most trusted rummy sites. You can play rummy games at Junglee Rummy app for free, it offers unlimited practice games that can be played using reloadable chips. Once you have played some practice games and feel confident about your gaming skills, you can start playing cash games and gradually try your hand at tournaments too.

2. Prioritize making a pure sequence

A pure sequence consists of three or more consecutive cards of the same suit. It is mandatory to make a valid declaration. Without a pure sequence, you cannot win a game. Creating a pure sequence also helps to reduce your overall score, in case your opponent declares before you. So always prioritize making a pure sequence. After creating a pure sequence, you can form other combinations needed to make a valid declaration, i.e. impure sequences and sets.

3. Observe your opponents’ moves

One of the most important things to do when you play rummy online is to observe your opponents’ moves. Keep a track of the cards picked by them from the discard pile. Suppose a player picks 4♠ from the discard pile. Do not give away any connecting cards like 2♠, 3♠, 5♠ , or a 4 from another suit. In this way, you can prevent your rivals from winning the game. On the other hand, if you neglect their moves, you might indirectly help them declare and win the game.

4. Discard high-value cards early on

In Indian rummy, high-value cards are face cards and aces and 10s. These cards are worth 10 points each. High cards increase your score, that is, penalty points. So if you have high cards that remain unarranged even after three or more turns, you should consider discarding them.

Most players discard high cards within two or three turns. However, sometimes you can wait for the fourth turn before discarding your high cards, especially if you do not have a pure sequence and the high cards in your hand are sequential or need just one card card to form a pure sequence.

5. Prefer Retaining Middle Cards

Cards like 4s, 5s, 6s, and 7s are middle cards. The value of each of these cards is equal to its face value. So if you have only 5♣ as the unarranged card in your hand when your opponent makes a declaration, your score will be 5 points. Middle cards can be quickly arranged in pure and impure sequences. For example, middle cards like 5s and 6s can be used to create sequences with other middle cards like 3s, 4s, 7s and 8s.

6. Use the joker smartly

There are many instances in rummy where you need just one more card to complete a sequence or a set. Even after repeated turns, you may not get that desired card. That’s when the joker comes to your rescue. This card is used as a substitute for any missing card in sequences and sets.

Though it is a valuable card, the joker is not worth any points. In rummy, your score should be reduced to zero for you to win. So when you create combinations using jokers, your overall point burden decreases automatically. Thus, it is important to retain jokers and use them wisely.

7. Drop the game if necessary

Dropping is a clever strategy used to minimize one’s loss in a rummy game when winning is not possible. This strategy is used when you have bad cards and do not get the desired cards required to make the necessary sequences/sets in the game.

If you are struggling to form a pure sequence, it is recommended that you drop the game. For instance, when you play on Junglee Rummy and you drop a game, you get a penalty of only 20 or 40 points, depending on the time of the drop, and save yourself from a big loss.

Now that you know the tips and tricks of the game, you should definitely try playing rummy on Junglee Rummy. Being the most trusted rummy platform, Junglee Rummy has over 25 million users, and the number keeps growing each day. You can play rummy for real cash on Junglee Rummy and use these tips and tricks to defeat your opponents. There are a variety of contests such as practice and cash games and exciting tournaments where the prize pool is over lakhs and crores of rupees. You can download this rummy app onto your smartphone now to enter the world of unlimited fun and entertainment.